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Help Horses Heal Trauma

"One in three children and young people are exposed to at least one potentially traumatic event by the time they are 18. We know from decades of research that such exposure can increase the risk of later mental health problems, difficulties in personal and social relationships and new stressful experiences. However, through improved understanding, appropriate support and timely intervention we can reduce the negative impact of traumatic events on children and young people."- UK Trauma Council

We know that horses are inherently therapeutic and spending time in their presence can change lives. In our society, often those who need the benefits of horses the most, are those who can access them the least.


Horses don’t judge, they don’t lie and they have no hidden agenda. A kid in care with no sense of stability or a young woman who has just come out of a violent relationship with no sense of self-worth, needs that. They need a trustworthy learning partner to teach them about positive relationships, they need the calm, clear boundaries and unconditional acceptance that only a horse can give. However big or small, your donation helps to provide that for a young person who might never normally have to opportunity.


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Please make cheques payable to the Tinnis Trust and post to Whisgills House, Newcastleton, TD9 OTQ

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