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Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma refers to any experience that leaves a person feeling overwhelmed, scared or alone. It could be caused by a series of events (complex trauma) or a one-off event. It includes incidents that threaten your survival or sense of wellbeing and may or may not include physical harm. Trauma can affect our ability to function in the world, harm a person's sense of safety and of self, and their ability to regulate emotions and navigate relationships. Both people and animals can experience symptoms of trauma.


In our work with both horses and people, recovery, resilience-building and compassion are the centre of our mission. Our entire staff is skilled in using trauma informed techniquesWe focus on reducing risk of exposure to trauma by creating safe, supportive, and inclusive environments, we know strategies to buffer against impact when exposure happens and we promote individual and community resilience. 

Our Commitment to Trauma Informed Practice


At The Tinnis Trust we are committed to upholding the principles of trauma informed practice at every stage of our work from how we fund, create and plan our services to the way we induct participants and carry out therapeutic sessions. We strive to create a physically and emotionally safe environment for people and for horses. We aim to be transparent and trustworthy in all of our interactions and to encourage an atmosphere of openness and mutual where everyone feels valued and can speak and be heard.

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