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Therapeutic Bursaries

Girl and Horse

If you think that you, or someone you know, can benefit from spending time with horses, but money is an issue, The Tinnis Trust can help.


Our mission is to provide opportunities for interaction with horses that help people move forwards positively in their lives. Every year the trust provides a small number of bursaries so that people who might never normally be able to afford to do so can access the life-changing benefits of horses .

Criteria and How to Apply

If you're applying for a bursary, we trust that you need it.  We take a trauma informed approach to therapeutic bursaries and the application process. Applications are completely confidential. We invite you not to share details of your experience that may be retraumatising. We particularly welcome applications from or on behalf of families transitioning through trauma, women and girls who are recovering from abuse or leaving violent situations, young people transitioning into or out of education and transitioning into or out care. 


Please email for further information and an application.

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