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ASDAN Accredited Short Courses


At With Horses, we're committed to making careers with animals and the outdoors accessible for eveyone. ASDAN Short Courses are flexible, portfolio-based programs designed to accredit up to 60 hours of activity and skills development across a range of topics and curriculum areas. Short Courses are widely used by 13-19 year-olds but they can be adapted for anyone and are ideal for young people who are homeschooling or out of education for any reason. They are also fantastic for a variety of learning needs and styles. . Because they are multi-level, the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability, rather than attainment at a specific level. 

We offer the full range of ASDAN Short Courses in both an online and onsite format. The flexibility of ASDAN's Short Courses means they can be carried out in a variety of settings, over a time period to suit the individual. Challenge descriptions can be interpreted and adapted according to the situation. 

As well as providing grant-funded training, we can offer bespoke training services to organisations working with children and young people all over the UK in a variety of traditional and alternative settings, both onsite and online. Our clients include The Child and Adolescent Trust, the UK's largest fostering charity. I
f you are a parent, homeschool group, teacher or professional who works with young people, we can work with you to create a bespoke learning program that uses any combination of Short Courses. Discounts can be arranged for multiple learners. Please contact us to arrange a

Courses for Young People

The following online ASDAN courses are available on a rolling basis. Each has the option for an additional hands-on learning day at our farm in the Scottish Borders where you can interact with and learn to care for horses, pigs, chickens and ducks. 

Land Based Sector Vocational Taster

Vocational Tasters offer learners a concrete introduction to a range of employment sectors. Ideal for learners following an alternative progression route, these courses help learners to make progress towards their personal learning and career aims.


The Land-based Sector Vocational Taster contains modules in: agriculture; animal care; horticulture; environment and land management; health and safety in the land-based sector; careers in the land-based sector.

This course can be completed online through the ASDAN e-portfolio system. Learners log in to complete challenges, record skills development and upload evidence.

Chicken Farm

Animal Care Short Course

The Animal Care Short Course can accredit between 10 and 60 hours of learners' activities and involvement in caring for all types of animals. This could range from looking after domestic pets at home, to working with farm animals and wildlife in the community, to finding out about more exotic species at zoos and wildlife centres.

This Short Course is available for learners to complete online through the ASDAN e-portfolio system. Learners log in to complete challenges, record skills development and upload evidence.

Small Plant

Online Course

Click here to purchase the online animal care or land-based taster courses.

Community Garden

Online Course Plus Farm Visit

Click here to purchase the online course plus additional onsite educational day.

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