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Thanks to generous donations from the Wakeham Trust and the Alpkit Foundation, we will soon be launching the Safe Place Project, a pioneering Nature therapy scheme based on the wonderful Healing Forest Curriculum by Dr Ronen Berger, PhD., the founder of Nature Therapy, Head of the Nature Therapy and Play and Creative Therapy training programme at Tel Aviv University, and professor Mooli Lahad PhD., a senior medical psychologist and a renowned expert on trauma recovery and resilience.

This is an innovative approach that has been shown to help children who have experienced a variety of difficulties. Intended for children between 5 and 10 years old, the program uses nature, storytelling and expressive arts to build resilience in children. It uses the forest and trained facilitators to help to create "safe spaces" for children in the outdoors. The project will include nature-based activities ranging from tree planting to making feeding stations for birds can be used therapeutically in conjunction with storytelling and other expressive arts therapies with children who have experienced large-scale crises, as well as more common causes of stress such as the divorce of parents, moving home, the illness of a loved one and bullying. This 12-session program is being piloted for the first time in Scotland right here at the Tinnis Trust!

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