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Equine Welfare: Be the Change

The Tinnis Trust is now officially a committed member of Progressive Equine Partnerships, an organisation that supports a Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach to training and behaviour modification. They strongly support the humane and thoughtful application of LIMA protocols, and applaud those working with animals and humans in a humane and thoughtful manner. Our membership reflects our commitment to:

  • Always hold the equines welfare as our top priority.

  • Always seek to do no harm.

  • Not use any equipment with the intention of causing pain, fear or restriction of physical ability.

  • Use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of equines and their owners.

  • Remain committed to continued professional development and agree to keep up to date with the latest scientific research within my/our field of expertise.

Progressive Equine Partnerships (PEP) is a global organisation dedicated to recognising and building a network of Equine Professionals and Establishments who are moving away from tradition and putting the welfare of the equine at the forefront of their practices. They strive to include all professionals in our directory who demonstrate unwavering commitment to improving equine welfare. PEP has launched a “be the change” campaign that encourages horse owners to enjoy their equines while practicing mindful horsemanship. Mindful horsemanship involves understanding your values and motivation in relation to your partnership with the horse, considering your actions from the horse’s perspective, and learning about your equine partner, the things you ask of him, and the environment in which he is kept. PEP offers a free 4-week online course in mindful horsemanship.

If you'd like to join us in being part of the change, click here to enroll in the free course:

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