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Equine Rescue

Our Horses

All of the horses at the Tinnis Trust have either been rescued, rehabilitated or donated to the program. We work with a diverse range of  people and our herd of horses reflects that diversity. While many of our horse have physical issues or behavioural quirks that might make them be seen as 'useless' in the conventional equestrian world, these things make them priceless as therapy horses. 



Some of our horses are too young or too old to work as therapy ponies, they might have physical or behavioural issues that prevent them from working at all or they might want a different type of job. These lucky ponies are rehomed on a permanent loan basis to approved homes. If you would like to rehome a rescued horse, please get in touch today using our contact page!


Equine Advocacy

Interested in learning about how to advocate for horses? 

Take a look at this distance learning course offered by With Horses CIC with all profits going to the Tinnis Trust.


Rescue and Rehab

We rescue and rehabilitate horses, under the supervision of Lindsey Crosbie, a qualified equine behaviourist. We focus primarily on 'last chance' horses who are difficult to place due to health or behavioural issues. We have special expertise with semi-feral and unhandled equines.


Need a new home for your horse?

Sometimes circumstances change and owners find themselves looking for a new home for a much-loved horse or people become overwhelmed and decide to seek help before a horse's welfare begins to suffer. If you would like to discuss donating such a horse, please get in touch using our contact page. Horses are rehabilitated and either go on to become therapy horses (if health and temperament allow) or they are rehomed on a permanent loan basis to an approved home. 



We always appreciate donations of feed, hay, bedding, tack and rugs. Please get in touch if you would like to donate.

Tack Room
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