Therapeutic Riding and Trekking


"I worked with Leia, a young, beautiful and very clever horse. Every time I rode a new obstacle course, we practised with one to start with and then built up slowly. We always rewarded her when she did the right thing. I did the same thing with my school attendance, taking it one step a a time and celebrating every achievement. I managed to sit every exam and pass them all with either A* or A’s. At the beginning of my period at WITH Horses it was doubted whether I would even manage to sit my exams let alone achieve such high marks!"

-NEET young person.

"The women visibly grew in confidence each week. It was the first time I had seen some of them smile since they came into the refuge. They didn't just learn to ride. They learn to be assertive, to be courageous and to trust in themselves and their own bodies again."

-Women's refuge support worker.

As soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow licencing and inspection of riding centres to recommence, we will  offer a range of therapeutic riding lessons and off-road forest treks provided by a qualified and experienced instructor who is internationally certified through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship and Hooves for the Heart LLC.  Our horses are calm, well-trained and suitable for a range of rider ages and abilities. We can tailor our lessons and treks to suit you, focusing on improving behaviour, relaxation, mental health or physical well-being. 


People of all ages can learn valuable life lessons through experiential learning while riding horses including courage, assertiveness, patience and problem-solving. Riding teaches us not only physical skills balance, coordination, sensory integration and small and gross motor skill development but also leads to  increased interpersonal skills. Through learning to listen and effectively communicate with horses, we can gain transferable qualities that enrich our lives far beyond the arena.